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Oak Wilt - Are There Treatment Options?

Jul 29, 2017      Share:   

Oak Wilt is caused by a non-native fungus and is a prevalent tree disease affecting oak trees in Minnesota. Oak will can be prevented - and there are some treatments that may be an option. Red Oaks must be treated before they   Read More...

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Tree Services for Cambridge & Princeton, MN

Mar 16, 2017      Share:   

Pioneer Tree & Landscape, Inc. is focusing on customers in the Princeton and Cambridge, MN areas over the last weeks of March. Dead and/or diseased Oak Trees should be removed now while in dormant state to   Read More...

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Winter Pruning

Jan 31, 2017      Share:   

There is no other time to safely prune Oaks or Elms than now during dormant months. Crab apple trees and fruit trees should be pruned in winter to prevent fireblight and other serious infections. Trees that died last year from   Read More...

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Oak & Elm Tree Trimming During the Winter Months

Dec 16, 2016      Share:   

The colder winter months are the best time to trim oak and elm trees. Trimming oaks and elms during these winter months of dormancy is the first step in preventing disease in these sensitive trees.

Never let a tree company climb these  

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Oak Wilt Suppression - Shut Down Oak Wilt

Oct 10, 2016      Share:   

If you notice dead or dying oaks on your property, call the Oak Wilt Specialists at Pioneer Tree at (763) 238-5254 or fill out the Request An Appointment form to schedule a visit and see if oak wilt management can work for   Read More...

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Tree Owners' Guide to Tree Management

Oct 01, 2016      Share:   

Now scheduling FALL & WINTER OAK PRUNING and REMOVALS. You must prune oaks during this time of year to avoid serious problems with oak trees. October-February is best time to prune healthy oaks! Also, the winter months are the best time to   Read More...

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