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Land Clearing / Lot Clearing

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Before your home or other building construction can start on your lot, the lot will need to have trees that are in the way cut down and hauled away, underbrush & debris cleared out, stumps removed and the ground will need to be graded. Land clearing can be difficult and time consuming, and using the experienced tree removal experts and arborists from Pioneer Tree can help you plan your land clearing to ensure that you make the right decisions and determine the best and most efficient approach to clearing the lot and be ready to build.

Lot Clearing Photo
The tree removal experts can prepare your lot for an upcoming building project.

Pioneer Tree Lot Clearing Services

Our tree removal equipment and experienced employees prioritize safety and efficiency to guarantee that your project can stay on schedule. Pioneer Tree has worked with home builders, land developers, home owners and farmers on land clearing projects.

If your lot requires tree removal, stump removal, brush clearing, mulching, land grading or selective removal of dead or diseased trees, let the experts and arborists with Pioneer Tree clear your lot so that your project can begin.

If you have any questions, please fill out the Request An Appointment form on this page, or call (763) 238-5254. Pioneer Tree Service is the large tree removal experts in the Milaca and Princeton, MN area.