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Oak Wilt Treatment

Aug 08, 2018      Share:  

Are you experiencing dying and diseased oak trees, possibly the results of oak wilt? The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists and MN Certified Tree Inspectors at Pioneer Tree Service can offer solutions to improve the health of your oak trees and their growing conditions.

Sherburne County Oak Wilt Treatment Photo
Call Pioneer Tree Service for your oak wilt treatment options.

Oak Wilt Treatment and Prevention

Oak wilt is most commonly spread from diseased oak trees to healthy trees either below-ground via connected roots or above-ground by insects (sap beetles). Transmission by the beetles occurs during April through mid-July.

Preventing the spread of oak wilt from an infected tree to a nearby healthy oak tree via connected roots is usually accomplished through root plowing, where the connected roots between diseased and healthy oaks are cut with a vibrating plow. The diseased oak tree (or trees) then have to be cut down and removed from the property.

Certified for Oak Wilt Treatments

Oak wilt can be treated through the use of fungicide injections in the very early staged of oak wilt. Fungicide injections can also be done to oak trees near an infected tree know to have Oak Wilt. These injections to treat oak wilt should only be done by a certified tree professional.

Call Pioneer Tree Service at (763) 238-5254 to setup an appointment. Anoka County and Sherburne County have the highest concentration of oak wilt in Minnesota, and it is important to identify and treat your trees immediately.

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