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Winter Pruning

Jan 31, 2017      Share:  

There is no other time to safely prune Oaks or Elms than now during dormant months. Crab apple trees and fruit trees should be pruned in winter to prevent fireblight and other serious infections. Trees that died last year from Oak Wilt or Dutch Elm Disease must be removed prior to April 1. Any ash tree suspected of harboring Emerald Ash Borer should be removed now in winter or treated this growing season. There are other important helpful removals to take care of prior to spring such as problematic live trees that harbor disease or pests, like evergreens (spruce = needle cast diseases; pine = needle blights or bark beetles); bur oaks with severe blight symptoms and no plans to treat-to-save. As always, remove hazardous trees or limbs that could cause damage to people or property in a bad weather event.

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