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Tree Services for Cambridge & Princeton, MN

Nov 11, 2022      Share:  

Pioneer Tree Service has been providing tree removal and tree care services to Princeton and Cambridge, MN areas for over 30 years. Dead and/or diseased Oak Trees should be removed now while in dormant state to reduce the spread of Oak Wilt. PRUNING of live limbs/branches MUST BE DONE NOW while these trees are in a dormant state. DO NOT PRUNE oak trees in the spring and summer months - Oak Wilt spreads much easier in these months..

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Trim Oak Trees in Winter
Trim Oak Trees in Winter.

Winter is the Best Time to Prune Your Oak Trees

The colder months of fall and winter are the best time to trim and prune the dead and dying branches off of your oak trees in Minnesota. According to the Minnesota DNR, "Pruning oak trees should be avoided from April through July, when beetles that can spread oak wilt are feeding on tree sap, which is present at new wounds." Pruning broken or dead branches can also improve the overall health of the tree. Pioneer Tree Service is currently scheduling appointments for oak tree pruning in and around St. Francis. Please call 763-238-5254 to schedule an appointment today.

Reviews From Our Tree Services Customers

Pioneer Tree Service has more than forty 5 Star reviews on Google. Pioneer Tree Service is the trusted tree removal service throughout Mille Lacs and Isanti Counties. Call 763-238-5254 today to schedule an appointment. Below are some of the 5 star reviews for our tree removal customers in and around Princeton, MN.

Pioneer Tree Service took down three large trees that were not easy to get to and did a wonderful job. They were very professional, efficient and cleaned up the area when they were done. I would highly recommend them!
5 Star Tree Removal Review
5 star review from Google

I had some trees removed and the crew cleaned up the mess they made. I was very happy with the work they did. A matter of fact they are coming out to my place to trim some trees. I totally recommend Pioneer Tree to anyone that needs tree work done.
5 Star Tree Removal Review
5 star review from Google

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