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Land and Lot Clearing

May 04, 2019      Share:  

Pioneer Tree Service has worked with Minnesota home builders, farmers, businesses and homeowners to provide selective and professional land and lot clearing. Pioneer Tree Service is the area's expert in tree care and cultivation, and with ISA Certified Arborists and MN Certified Tree Inspectors on staff, Pioneer Tree provides best practices to each specific land clearing, helping landowners make responsible, environmentally-friendly decisions for tree clearing that will be beneficial for the landowner and the trees on the lot.

Reduce the Risk of Lyme's Disease - Tick Season is Now

Clearing a lot of the overgrowth near the yard will also help reduce the amount of potential contacts with ticks, limiting your exposure to Lyme's Disease. Ticks thrive in moist, wooded and shady areas and tend to avoid and die in sunny, dry areas. Keep this favored tick habitat away from the areas of your yard (outdoor play areas, decks, and other outdoor living spaces).

Lot Clearing by Insured Tree Service Professionals

The tree experts at Pioneer Tree will also help landowners identify potentially hazardous trees (diseased and dying tress) that may be a threat to fall in a storm and damage property. In the case of hazard trees, it is best to call a professional tree removal service to ensure the tree is brought down in a safe area of your yard or property.

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