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Now Trimming Oaks

Nov 03, 2021      Share:  

Our cool season weather and dormancy of our great oak trees allows us to now begin Oak Trimming Season. The professionals at Pioneer Tree Service will do an outstanding job pruning out dead, diseased, or otherwise nuisance branches and limbs. Yes, we can tell what branches are dead even if there are no leaves left on the tree!

Protect Oaks from Disease By Trimming in the Colder Months

The University of Minnesota's web site has information on the pros of pruning large established trees during the cooler fall and winter months (see Michigan State University also recommends "Protecting oaks from wilt disease starts with restricting times trees are pruned to the cold weather season."

Sherburne County Oak Tree Trimming Photo
Pioneer Tree & Landscaping, Inc - Now Trimming Oaks.

Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is less likely to spread in the winter month, so have your oak trees trimmed at this time of the year will not expose your oak trees to oak wilt being transmitted through the fresh cuts in the tree. Waiting until after the first hard frost of the fall can help to minimize the risk of disease spreading to your oak trees.

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Fully Insured Tree Service

Pioneer Tree Service is fully insured and also provides the following additional tree care services in addition to winter oak tree trimming:

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Prune Oak Trees is the Winter Months

If you have oak trees with dead or damaged limbs that you would like to have removed or trimmed, please call Pioneer Tree Service at (763) 238-5254 to setup an appointment. The areas around Anoka, Blaine, Coon Rapids, Zimmerman and Princeton have a large amount of oak tress and now is the time to setup an appointment for your oak tree to be pruned to maintain health.

Pioneer Tree Service took down a large tree close to the house without damage and at a reasonable price. Very impressed with the whole crew. Very professional.
5 Star Tree Removal Review
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