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Princeton Tree Removal Services

Nov 06, 2019      Share:  

Pioneer Tree Service provides tree removal and tree trimming services to Princeton, MN and surrounding areas throughout the winter. Winter removals tend to be easier on your lawn, and winter is the best time to get oak, elm and ash trees to help prevent the spread of oak wilt, dutch elm disease and emerald ash borer. Call 763-238-5254 for a free estimate

Princeton, MNWinter Tree Pruning Photo
Don't wait! The best time for pruning and trimming oak, ash and elm trees is the colder fall and winter months.

Winter Tree Trimming in Princeton & Cambridge, MN

The certified arborists at Pioneer Tree Service are currently taking appointments for winter tree trimming in the Princeton and Cambridge areas. Winter tree trimming generally starts around November 1st, so schedule your winter tree trimming of hardwoods now. Pruning dead or damaged branches during these colder fall and winter months will promote healthy growth of your trees in the future.

The colder fall and winter months are the best time to trim and prune your oak, elm and ash trees.

Additional Tree Services from Pioneer Tree Service

Pioneer Tree Service is fully insured and has over 30 years of experience in commercial and residential tree services in and around Princeton, MN. Additional tree care services include:

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