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Pioneer Tree & Landscape Inc. : Pruning

Tree Pruning in Winter

Feb 16, 2021      Share:  

Pruning ash trees, oak trees and elm trees in winter when they are dormant can help to promote healthy tree growth and the wounds caused by pruning are minimally exposed before new growth begins the wound sealing process. The certified arborists   Read More...

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When Is It Safe To Trim Oak Trees?

Oct 14, 2020      Share:  

It is safest to trim oak trees during the colder fall and winter months.

Oak trees are sensitive to trimming during the warmer months of the year, and trimming your oak trees during the summer can unnecessarily put   Read More...

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Now Trimming Oaks

Nov 02, 2018      Share:  

Our cool season weather and dormancy of our great oak trees allows us to now begin Oak Trimming Season. The professionals at Pioneer Tree Service will do an outstanding job pruning out dead, diseased, or otherwise nuisance branches and   Read More...

Blog Categories:  Winter Tree Trimming, Oak Tree Care, Pruning

Tree Removal Services in Bethel, MN

Mar 24, 2018      Share:  

Do you have a large tree or trees in your Bethel, MN yard or business that need to be removed or pruned? Believe it or not, the big Spring storms will be visiting Minnesota soon - don't wait to get these potential hazards of damaged   Read More...

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Coon Rapids Winter Tree Trimming

Feb 21, 2018      Share:  

Winter is the proper time to prune trees such as Oak Trees, Ash Trees and Elm Trees. Winter tree pruning will limit the spread of common tree diseases because the wounds creating by pruning will be exposed for a minimal   Read More...

Blog Categories:  Winter Tree Trimming, Certified Arborists, Pruning, Coon Rapids Tree Service

Have Your Trees Pruned Before Winter Ends

Feb 10, 2018      Share:  

Let the certified arborists at Pioneer Tree Service trim and prune your Oak, Elm and Ash trees while the outside temperatures are optimal and these trees are still in their dormant time of year. During this time, the spread of disease will   Read More...

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Maple Grove, MN Tree Service

Nov 17, 2017      Share:  

Have you been waiting to have the oak trees at your Maple Grove home or business trimmed? Winter is actually the best time to have your oak and elm trees pruned, so call Pioneer Tree Service today at (763) 238-5254 to setup an appointment.

Fully  

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Remove Dangerous and Hazardous Overhanging Tree Limbs

Nov 08, 2017      Share:  

Let Pioneer Tree Service safely remove dangerous and hazardous overhanging tree limbs that could damage your home or garage in a storm, or from the weight of ice and snow. Our experienced crews can take down and remove unwanted, damaged, or   Read More...

Blog Categories:  Pruning, Winter Tree Trimming, Anoka Tree Service

Storm Damaged Trees Cleanup

May 26, 2017      Share:  

Pioneer Tree Service has over 30 years of experience in cleaning up after storm damage, including tree restoration and tree pruning of storm damaged trees done by our ISA Certified Arborists and MN Certified Tree Inspectors.

Based  

Blog Categories:  Storm Damage, Tree Removal, Pruning

Tree Pruning Coon Rapids, MN

Mar 25, 2017      Share:  

Many Coon Rapids, MN yards and lots have mature oak and elm trees on them and Pioneer Tree Service is currently working in this area. PRUNING of live limbs/branches MUST BE DONE NOW in while your oak and elm trees are in the   Read More...

Blog Categories:  Coon Rapids Tree Service, Oak Wilt, Winter Tree Trimming, Pruning

Winter Pruning

Jan 31, 2017      Share:  

There is no other time to safely prune Oaks or Elms than now during dormant months. Crab apple trees and fruit trees should be pruned in winter to prevent fireblight and other serious infections. Trees that died last year from   Read More...

Blog Categories:  Winter Tree Trimming, Pruning, Oak Tree Care

Oak & Elm Tree Trimming During the Winter Months

Dec 16, 2016      Share:  

The colder winter months are the best time to trim oak and elm trees. Trimming oaks and elms during these winter months of dormancy is the first step in preventing disease in these sensitive trees.

Never let a tree company climb these  

Blog Categories:  Elm Tree Care, Pruning, Oak Tree Care, Winter Tree Trimming

Tree Owners' Guide to Tree Management

Oct 01, 2016      Share:  

Now scheduling FALL & WINTER OAK PRUNING and REMOVALS. You must prune oaks during this time of year to avoid serious problems with oak trees. October-February is best time to prune healthy oaks! Also, the winter months are the best time to   Read More...

Blog Categories:  Oak Tree Care, Fall Tree Care, Pruning